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Utah- 7 Champion Blood Line  Rhode Island Red Chicks

Utah- 7 Champion Blood Line Rhode Island Red Chicks

Utah- 7 Champion Blood Line  Rhode Island Red Chicks
7 Baby RIR Chicks

Here at Bresse Star Chick Hatchery we have a unique line of Rhode Island Red Chickens.
Our Rooster came from fertile eggs directly exported from the State of Rhode Island, where the breed was originally developed. With over 50 years of Champion Blood Line breeding, these chicks should inherit superior genetics & exceptional quality of this Heritage Breed. 

By breeding from a Champion line, we expect strong, vigorous, and resilient chicks that will grow up to be remarkable Rhode Island Red Chickens. We have noticed the Chicks are larger than the big box store line of Rhode Island Reds as well as much prettier with their deep mahogany feathers they are very majestic looking and will ad more beauty to your flock. 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to own these exceptional chicks

Engage with us today and embark on your journey to becoming the proud owner of 7 Champion Blood Line Rhode Island Red Chicks. Secure your order now and let the magic begin! All our Chicks here at Bresse Star Chick Hatchery are sold as Straight Run, not sexed. Your extra Roosters you should be able to sell and make a few dollars with how good looking they are, others will want these bloodlines. 

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is one of the most popular chicken breeds. They are a very well-known American breed of chicken. In fact, Rhode Island Reds are one of the best-selling breeds of day-old baby chicks. Please see our Bresse Star Blog section for more information about this beautiful breed, the Rhode Island Red Chicken.

The fact is that the Rhode Island Red Chicken was actually developed in the State of Rhode Island in the USA during the last part of the 19th century as a dual-purpose breed. Rhode Island Reds are one of the best egg layers, with a dark brown, well-sized egg. Adult females weigh 6.5 lbs, and males weigh 8.5 lbs. They are heat- and cold-tolerant. They can lay up to 300 large brown eggs in a year. The Champion Line is Old Heritage breeding stock and they lay 200+ eggs per year. The Champion Heritage Line are big Beautiful Birds with deep Mahogany coloring. 

Rhode Island Red day-old chicks are a rusty red color, and the adults colors range from a dark red to a very beautiful mahogany red color. 

Rhode Island Chickens from Rhode Island are not easy to find now days. We are excited about being one of the few breeders here in the western USA to have these Chickens from Rhode Island. With Champions going back over 50 years in their Bloodlines. You will be amazed at this line of Rhode Island Red Chickens.  

*** If wanting more than our Standard package of 7 Chicks please call us and we can take care of you personally for larger package of chicks. Thank You

Please book orders 35 days prior to your expected hatch date, Just go through the check out procedure and let us know what hatch your hoping to get in on or just call me instead of checking out and I will email you an invoice you can pay with your credit card or Venmo. Our Phone number is 385-288-1160. However feel free to call my personal cell at 801-698-2735

August - October we have some openings for orders during most weeks currently. (As of 7/8/2024) We try to have extra chicks if just wanting a few . Please call us 801-698-2735


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