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Chicken Farms in the US: Breeding Practices Across Different States

Chicken Farms in the US: Breeding Practices Across Different States

Chicken Farms in the US: Breeding Practices Across Different States

Posted on Sept 7th, 2023

In the vast expanse of the United States, poultry farming thrives as a vital agricultural industry. 

The production of chickens in the US is a multifaceted endeavor, influenced by geographic diversity, regional traditions, and evolving breeding practices. 

In this exploration of chicken farms across different states, we delve into the intriguing world of US poultry production. 

Read on to learn everything about US chicken farms, breeding practices among different states, and how we ensure our chickens are raised in the best possible environment.

The Landscape of Chicken Farms in the US

Poultry farming is a national endeavor, with chicken farms scattered across the contiguous United States and beyond. While some states are renowned for their poultry production, virtually every state contributes to the industry in some capacity. The collective effort fuels the nation's appetite for fresh, local eggs and meat, as well as the demand for unique chicken breeds like White American Bresse.

Geographic Diversity

The United States' vast geographic diversity plays a pivotal role in shaping breeding practices. From the balmy climate of Florida to the rugged terrain of Montana, each state's unique environmental conditions influence the types of chickens that thrive there. This has led to a rich tapestry of chicken breeds, each ideally suited to its specific region.

Regional Traditions

Poultry farming in the US is steeped in regional traditions that reflect the nation's cultural diversity. For example, in the South, you'll find a strong tradition of backyard chicken-keeping, with breeds that excel in hot, humid climates. In contrast, northern states often favor cold-hardy breeds that can withstand harsh winters.

State-by-State Insights

Each state tells a unique story of poultry farming, influenced by its geographic characteristics, climate, and regional traditions. Join us as we unveil the diverse landscape of chicken keeping practices across the nation, discovering how local conditions and preferences shape the choices of backyard enthusiasts and small-scale farmers.

California – The Golden State of Backyard Chickens

In California, the enthusiasm for backyard chickens is palpable. Regulations favor small-scale chicken keeping, making it accessible to urban and suburban residents. Breeds like the American Bresse thrive in California's mild climate, making them a popular choice for local enthusiasts.

Texas – A Tradition of Self-Sufficiency

Texas is known for its rugged individualism and self-sufficiency. Many Texans take pride in raising chickens, both for eggs and companionship. The state's vastness allows for diverse breeds to flourish, including the American Bresse, which excels in various Texan climates.

New York – Cold-Hardy Champions

New York's frigid winters demand cold-hardy chicken breeds. Here, you'll find a preference for chickens that can withstand sub-zero temperatures. While American Bresse chickens may require a bit of extra care during the winter, their superior egg-laying and succulent meat having what is said to be the Best Tasting Chicken in the World capabilities make them a worthwhile choice.

Florida – Year-Round Chicken Keeping

In the Sunshine State, chicken keeping is a year-round pursuit. Florida's warm climate encourages a continuous supply of fresh eggs, making breeds like the American Bresse an excellent fit. Their adaptability to different climates ensures that Floridian backyard enthusiasts can enjoy their chickens regardless of the season.

Illinois – Heartland Hen-Keeping

In the heart of the Midwest, Illinois boasts a rich tradition of poultry farming. Known for its vast farmlands, the state provides ample space for chicken enthusiasts to raise a variety of breeds. In this land of rolling prairies and bustling urban centers, breeds that excel in both backyard settings and rural farms find their place. The American Bresse, with its versatility and adaptability, is a favored choice among Illinois chicken keepers.

Oregon – Sustainable Chickens in the Pacific Northwest

In the lush and green landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, sustainability is paramount. Oregonians embrace eco-friendly practices in their backyard chicken-keeping adventures. Breeds that are well-suited to this region's mild climate and emphasis on organic living flourish here. The American Bresse, known for its efficient egg production and eco-conscious attributes, finds a welcoming home among Oregon's sustainability-focused poultry enthusiasts.

Breeding Towards a Better Chicken

At Bresse Star Chick Hatchery, our breeding practices are driven by a commitment to producing top-quality American Bresse chickens. The American Bresse, with its origins in France, is renowned for its superior egg-laying capabilities, Meat that is known world wide as the best tasting and gentle temperament. Our breeding program is guided by a dedication to preserving and enhancing these exceptional traits.

1. Selective Breeding

Selective breeding is at the heart of our breeding program. We meticulously choose parent birds with the most desirable traits, such as egg-laying consistency, health, and temperament. Through successive generations, we refine and amplify these characteristics, ensuring that our American Bresse chickens stand as paragons of excellence.

2. Healthy and Happy Chickens

Central to our breeding philosophy is the well-being of our chickens. We provide them with spacious and comfortable living conditions, access to the outdoors, and a nutritious diet. Happy and healthy parent birds contribute to the vitality and vigor of our chicks.

3. Egg Quality and Quantity

For many of our clients, egg production is a primary concern with the meat coming second however with others its the meat and the eggs are second. Our breeding practices are geared toward ensuring that American Bresse chickens lay a copious supply of high-quality eggs and a delicious chicken for your table. Whether you're an urban backyard chicken keeper or a rural homesteader, you can expect a bountiful supply of fresh eggs from this dual purpose meat Chicken called the American Bresse Chicken.


In our journey through the intricate tapestry of chicken farms across the United States, we've uncovered a diverse landscape of poultry farming practices. Each state, with its unique geographic features, climate, and regional traditions, contributes to the rich mosaic of chicken keeping in the nation.

At Bresse Star Chick Hatchery, our commitment to breeding high-quality American Bresse chickens remains unwavering. We understand the importance of preserving and enhancing the exceptional traits of this remarkable breed, ensuring that you can enjoy not only a bountiful supply of fresh eggs and a chicken Dinner to brag about but also the delightful companionship of these beautiful chickens.

If you're inspired to embark on your own backyard chicken-keeping journey or have questions we welcome you to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our mission is to provide you with the finest chickens for your backyard, contributing to your enjoyment of fresh eggs, great tasting meat and the pleasures of raising these remarkable birds.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of chicken farming practices in the US. We look forward to assisting you in your chicken-keeping endeavors. We hope to have Chicks for sale again soon when we are caught up with the supply and demand by December or January when our enlarged flock is in full production. 

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