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10 Benefits of Feeding High-Quality Chicken Feed To A Flock

10 Benefits of Feeding High-Quality Chicken Feed To A Flock

10 Benefits of Feeding High-Quality Chicken Feed To A Flock

Posted on May 27th, 2024

Feeding high-quality chicken feed to your flock is crucial for their overall health and productivity.

The benefits of using premium feed go beyond just the immediate nutrition; it impacts growth, egg production, and disease resistance.

Quality feed contains the right balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that chickens need at different stages of their life. It's not just about feeding your chickens; it's about providing them with the best possible diet to ensure they thrive. 

High-quality chicken feed can also improve the quality of the meat and eggs produced, leading to healthier and more nutritious products for consumers. 

Additionally, investing in top-tier feed can reduce long-term costs by minimizing health issues and improving feed efficiency. It's essential to choose feed that meets the specific needs of your flock, whether they are broilers, layers, or breeders. 

When selecting feed, consider products that are specifically formulated to enhance the health and performance of your chickens. 

For example, "Fertrell" is a Trusted Brand and very well known on the east coast of the USA. Fertrell is based in the state of Pennsylvania. Here in the State of Utah as well as this 1/2 of the U.S. their products are hard to find. The Fertrell Company offers high-quality products tailored to your poultry's needs as well as making products for all the different Livestock animals. We here at Bresse Star Chick Hatchery we believe so much in the Fertrell products that we have become the Authorized Dealer for Utah and the surrounding states. We can help you with any of your livestock needs. 

The Importance of High-Quality Chicken Feed for Chickens

Providing high-quality chicken feed is vital for maintaining the health and growth of your flock. Quality feed ensures that chickens receive all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.


A well-balanced, high-quality chicken feed significantly impacts the overall health of chickens. Proper nutrition helps in maintaining a robust immune system, making chickens less susceptible to diseases. 

High-quality feed contains a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that support vital bodily functions and enhance the chickens' ability to fight off infections. One of the most important products found in our custom Fertrell formulated feed is Poultry Nutri Balancer. It is the only vitamin and mineral premix that contains kelp meal, and probiotics.  

Regularly feeding your chickens with premium feed can result in fewer health issues and lower veterinary costs, ultimately leading to a healthier and more productive flock.


Growth is another critical aspect influenced by the quality of chicken feed. Chickens that receive a diet rich in high-quality nutrients grow faster and more uniformly. 

This is particularly important for broilers and fattening turkeys, where growth performance directly impacts the profitability of poultry farming. High-quality feed improves feed efficiency, meaning chickens convert feed into body mass more effectively. 

This not only accelerates growth rates but also ensures that chickens reach their optimal size and weight in a shorter period, maximizing the efficiency of your poultry operation.

10 Benefits of a High-Quality Chicken Feed

Feeding your flock with high-quality chicken feed offers numerous advantages that significantly enhance their health, productivity, and overall well-being. 

From improving growth performance to ensuring better egg quality, the benefits of investing in premium feed are substantial. 

Let's finally explore the ten key benefits of using high-quality chicken feed for your flock.

1. Improved Growth Performance and Feed Efficiency

High-quality chicken feed is formulated to optimize growth performance in broilers and fattening turkeys. The balanced nutrients ensure that chickens convert feed into body mass more efficiently. 

This improved feed efficiency means that less feed is wasted, and chickens reach their optimal weight faster, which is crucial for commercial poultry farming. The result is healthier, well-developed chickens that provide better meat yield.

2. Enhanced Egg Quality and Laying Rate

For laying hens, high-quality feed directly influences egg quality and production rates. Premium feed contains the right balance of calcium, proteins, and other essential nutrients that contribute to stronger eggshells and healthier fatty acid profiles in the eggs. 

Additionally, hens fed with high-quality feed tend to have higher laying rates and better feed conversion ratios, which means more eggs and better profitability for egg producers.

3. Better Carcass Quality and Bone Health

High-quality feed plays a significant role in improving carcass quality and bone health in poultry. The inclusion of essential minerals and vitamins in the feed helps in developing stronger bones, particularly the tibia, which is crucial for the overall mobility and health of the chickens. 

Better bone health reduces the risk of fractures and other skeletal issues, leading to higher quality meat products.

4. Increased Fertility and Hatchability

For breeders, high-quality feed is essential for improving fertility and hatchability rates. Infact... We have had numerous breeders ask to purchase the feed we use here at Bresse Star Chick Hatchery. They have found that after about 21 days their hens eggs improve dramatically in all aspects. Taste , Fertility & Hatchability. The Chicks that hatch are stronger and have a great start in life. Nutrient-rich feed supports the reproductive health of breeding chickens, resulting in these higher fertility rates and better hatchability. 

This ensures a steady supply of healthy chicks, which is vital for maintaining and expanding poultry operations.

5. Optimal Microbiota and Intestinal Health

A high-quality chicken feed supports optimal microbiota and intestinal health, which are critical for nutrient absorption and overall health. 

A well balanced diet helps maintain a healthy gut flora, which enhances the chickens' ability to utilize nutrients efficiently. Good intestinal health also boosts the immune system, reducing the incidence of diseases and infections.

6. Healthier Fatty Acid Composition

The composition of fatty acids in both eggs and body fat is significantly influenced by the quality of the feed. High-quality feed typically includes sources of healthy fats that improve the overall fatty acid profile of the eggs and meat. 

This not only benefits the health of the chickens but also results in healthier and more nutritious end products for consumers.

7. Improved Fecal Health and Hygiene

Feeding chickens with high-quality feed improves fecal health and hygiene, which is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy environment in poultry farms. 

Healthier feed results in better digestion and less waste, reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of diseases. This contributes to better overall farm hygiene and the production of cleaner, safer poultry products.

8. Enhanced Immune System

A well-formulated, high-quality chicken feed strengthens the immune system of chickens, making them more resilient to disease pressures. 

The right mix of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients boosts the chickens' natural defenses, helping them to fight off infections more effectively. This leads to healthier flocks and reduces the need for antibiotics and other medications.

9. Prevention of Food-Borne Diseases

High-quality feed is crucial in preventing food-borne diseases that can affect both chickens and consumers. Proper nutrition supports the overall health of the flock, reducing the likelihood of diseases that can contaminate the food supply. 

This ensures that the poultry products are safe for consumption, which is essential for maintaining consumer trust and marketability.

10. Balanced Diet and Essential Nutrients

Feeding chickens a balanced diet with the correct vitamins, minerals, energy, and amino acids is essential for their physiology and social nature as single-stomached animals. 

High-quality feed ensures that chickens get all the nutrients they need to thrive, supporting their growth, health, and productivity. This comprehensive nutritional support is key to achieving optimal results in poultry farming.

How to Choose the Best Chicken Feed for Your Flock

Choosing the best chicken feed for your flock involves several key considerations to ensure that your chickens receive the optimal nutrition they need. The right feed can significantly impact their health, growth, and productivity, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision.

2. Understand the Nutritional Needs of Your Chickens

Different types of chickens have varying nutritional requirements based on their age, breed, and purpose (e.g., laying hens vs. broilers).

For instance, laying hens require more calcium to support egg production, while broilers need a higher protein content to promote rapid growth. Start by identifying the specific needs of your flock and choose a feed that meets those requirements.

3. Check the Ingredients

High-quality chicken feed should contain a balanced mix of grains, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Look for feeds that list whole grains and high-quality protein sources as their main ingredients. 

Avoid feeds with excessive fillers or artificial additives, as these can detract from the nutritional value.

4. Evaluate the Brand and Supplier

Choose feed from reputable brands and suppliers who have a proven track record of quality and consistency. Brands like Fertrell are known for their high-quality formulations that support the health and productivity of poultry. 

Trusted suppliers will provide detailed information about their feed products and the benefits they offer.

5. Consider Specialized Formulations

Some feeds are specifically formulated to address particular health or productivity goals, such as enhanced egg production or improved growth rates. If your flock has specific needs, look for specialized formulations that cater to those requirements. 

6. Pay Attention to Feeding Instructions

Proper feeding practices are just as important as choosing the right feed. Follow the manufacturer's feeding instructions to ensure your chickens are receiving the correct amount of nutrients. Overfeeding or underfeeding can lead to health issues and reduced productivity.

7. Seek Expert Advice

If you’re unsure about which feed is best for your flock, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice. Poultry nutritionists and experienced breeders can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your specific situation. 

Choosing the best chicken feed can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Bresse Star Chick Hatchery, we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your flock. 

Contact us today to learn more about our partnership with Fertrell and how their high-quality products can benefit your chickens. 

Let’s discuss your flock’s specific needs and find the perfect feeding solution! Reach out to us for a consultation.

Why is Bresse Star Chick Hatchery is using and selling one of the Best Feeds in Utah for your Breeders, Layers, Show fowl. This 18% (dont let 18% vs 20 or 22 % miss lead you ) Is one of the Best Feeds. This feed can be fed to adult Chickens , Quail & Pigeons

Choosing the right feed for your flock is essential, and Fertrell formulated Feed stands out as one of the best options available. Fertrell formulated feed is known for its high-quality ingredients and carefully balanced formulations that cater to the specific needs of poultry. 

This Feed is not milled and labled as Fertrell Feed. It is a Fertrell Formula that we here at Bresse Star Chick Hatchery have milled here locally using the Fertrell formula and of course two of Fertrells best products are used in this feed. The reason Fertrell does not make this feed in their plant is ONE Reason, it would not be fresh when you buy it. To many miles and to many hands would take away from the Freshness of this great feed. 

Let us showcase why this Layer/Breeder/Show Feed is an excellent choice and how it aligns with our commitment to "Breeding Towards a Better Chicken."

Overview of this Fertrell formulated Feed and Its Benefits

Fertrell formulated feed is meticulously crafted to provide optimal nutrition for chickens at every stage of their life. The feed includes a blend of natural ingredients that are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

This ensures that your chickens receive a well-rounded diet that supports their health, growth, and productivity. 

The benefits of using Fertrell formulated feed are numerous. It promotes healthier and stronger chickens, which translates to better meat quality and higher egg production & better feed conversion (less feed used)

We always recommend feeding free choice Calcium for better shells on your eggs as well as Grit. The real kind made out of Granite, which Bresse Star Chick Hatchery also sells to the public.

The feed’s high nutrient density means that chickens can convert feed into energy and body mass more efficiently, leading to faster growth rates and improved feed efficiency. 

Additionally, Fertrell Feed supports robust immune systems in chickens, reducing the incidence of diseases and lowering the need for medical interventions.

Alignment with Bresse Star's Commitment to "Breeding Towards a Better Chicken"

At Bresse Star Chick Hatchery, we are dedicated to breeding and raising healthier, more productive chickens. Our partnership with the Fertrell Company is a testament to this commitment. 

Fertrell’s high-quality products & formulations align perfectly with our goal of providing the best possible care for our chickens.

The synergy between Bresse Star Chick Hatchery and the Fertrell products means that we can offer our customers not only high-quality chicks but also the best nutritional support for their flocks.

Elevate Your Flock with Bresse Star Chick Hatchery’s Premium Products

When it comes to raising a healthy and productive flock, having access to high-quality chicks and feed is crucial. 

We offer a range of premium Fertrell products as well as a high quality grit and Diatomeous Earth designed to meet the diverse needs of poultry farmers. Whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial farmer, our offerings can help you achieve your poultry farming goals.

Highlighting Available Products

We provide a couple of our favorite breeds of baby chicks for purchase, each bred to ensure optimal health and performance. We hatch out White American Bresse Chicks, a Champion line of Rhode Island Reds from the state of Rhode Island. We also have started raising and breeding Coturnix Quail. We are specializing in the Jumbo's and our newest edition is the very rare Black Coturnix Quail which just came into the U.S. in 2019. We are quite excited for these Black Coturnix Quail.   

 Our chicks are raised with the utmost care, and we offer breeds that are known for their excellent growth rates, egg production, and overall hardiness. We our NPIP Certified and mail order chicks to most States. 

By starting with high-quality chicks, you can set a strong foundation for your poultry operation.

In addition to our chicks, we also offer Fertrell formulated Layer, breeder and Show feed. This feed is specifically formulated to provide your flock with the best possible nutrition.

We carry 4 different sizes of Grit. Grit is less expensive than feed and should be offered to your chicks by their 3rd or 4th day from being hatched or being recieved in the mail. Grit are the Teeth for a chicken. See our Videos about Grit on our webpage.

Being the Fertrell Dealer here in Utah and nearby states we can help you with Nutritional needs of all your Livestock and poultry.

Unlock the potential of your flock by partnering with Bresse Star Chick Hatchery. Contact us today to learn more about our premium products and how we can help you discuss your flock’s specific needs and find the perfect solutions to elevate your poultry farming experience.


In conclusion, feeding your flock with high-quality chicken feed is essential for their health, growth, and productivity. By choosing premium Fertrell products, you can ensure that your chickens/livestock receive the optimal nutrition they need to thrive. 

At Bresse Star Chick Hatchery, we are dedicated to supporting your poultry farming endeavors with our top-quality chicks and premium feed options.

For personalized advice and support, contact us at (385) 288-1160 or through our contact us page. Let's work together to achieve success in your poultry / livestock farming journey.

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